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Homeowners and Dwelling Programs







We offer a variety of Homeowner and Dwelling products which allow you to protect your home and personal possessions.

We will work with you to find the best product which meets your need.

Homeowners Insurance covers a private residence, such as a home, condominium or multiple unit buildings (duplex, triplex or fourplex- so long as the owner lives in one of the units).

Renters' Insurance (where the renter is covering his personal property, guest liability, and medical within a house he is renting) HO1 – HO8

Rating Factors The characteristics of your home and the value of your belongings along with other factors such as proximity to fire station, availability of onsite fire extinguishing equipment, are considered when determining the amounts of proper coverages to be carried on your policy.  Also, adjustments are made to reflect replacement cost, and inflation guard in determining the cost of your policy premiums.

The coverage amounts depend on what it would cost to replace the house.


If a home does not meet the underwriting guidelines of a standard homeowners policy (such as more than 15-20 year old shingled roof, 20-30 year old heating system, no central heating, etc) the residence could qualify for a limited coverage dwelling policy (DP1-DP3).